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 Welcome to vtgunbroker.com, My name is James Cook and I own Vermont Gunbroker. I am licensed as a Federal Firearms Dealer by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms also better known as the ATF.

I have been buying all types of firearms from people and dealers in the states of Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Connecticut just to name a few. I am fully licensed to buy and legally transport the firearms that I purchase.

If you have one gun or a collection of guns, I am ready to meet with you to see what your gun or collection is worth. No need to travel to me, I will come to you and look at your gun or collection and will buy them on the spot if you decide to sell them.

If you have a gun or collection of guns that you no longer want or need, please call or email me so we can set up a convenient time for me to meet with you 

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vermont gunbroker

P.O. Box 124 West Halifax, VT 05358

(802) 558-9363